Full Fibre Connectivity

Low contention and dedicated Fibre Services now available all over the UK

FTTP Fibre Internet in Burnt Mills Industrial Estate Basildon

Thanks to the local investment we are now able to offer Ultra Fast fibre optic Internet services to businesses in Basildon and Essex that are currently stuck on slow ADSL. There is very limited Openreach FTTC up to 80Mb services available thanks to Superfast Essex, however, now there is an alternative for all. Full fibre!

Services up to 10Gb/s

The system operates differently to how Openreach deploy FTTP services where a single fibre is shared between multiple buildings (up to 32). The service we offer is a dedicated fibre to your premises that is fully capable of operating up to 10Gb/s currently with higher speeds available in the future. Customers can choose their required service speed starting from 100Mb (that's 100Mb download and 100Mb upload) and grow as their demands change.


With the closure of ISDN and PSTN services in the near future this is a great time to prepare for VOIP provisioned telecoms services too. We can operate these using the same fibre connectivity and guarantee the Quality Of Service for your calls and data.


As well as the Full Fibre Internet services we can also offer enhanced care and guaranteed fix times as well as guaranteed throughput with our enhanced services. These will provide uncontended bandwidth allocations to the full capacity of the service purchased for customers that demand more data and can't be without their service.

Resilience & Backup

If we provide and manage your router we can also offer 4G/5G back-up options to keep you going should the service ever be out of action.

Not just 'Internet'

You may have heard of Wide Area Networks and MPLS etc to connect multiple sites. We can do the same and each site can be local, national or even international, so get in touch and we will be able to offer the solution you need for your business.

Couple with the Cloud

With many customers switching to cloud based data and services this is a great time to go full fibre and couple that with the security of cloud.

Great Value!

Our 100Mb service starts ate just £70 per month. This is a massive jump in terms of speed and quality for most business that are currently making do with ADSL or even FTTC services.

If you need more speed, then we can also offer a 500Mb FTTP for £90 per month and 1Gb for £105 per month. Please get in touch with your postcode for a confirmed price and availability for your location.

The connection speed is the same for both upload and download - so this is great for working with cloud based services.

If guaranteed speeds are required, we can also offer these services is a dedicated uncontended service.

Not just in Basildon!

Coverage is now available in different areas too, so please get in touch with your postcode and we will provide you with a no obilgation quote with the options available to you.