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Business and Home Connectivity

We don't simply resell 3rd party packages from other ISPs, we are the ISP. All of our connectivity solutions offer termination in to our own core network. This means we are in control and have visibility end to end in order to identify and more importantly, fix any possible problems. We can't pass the buck to the ISP - and we wouldn't want to. Our aim is to ensure the services we provide can be fully supported. Out network is uncontended and has a good mix of home and business users that means we have the capacity to cater for our customer demands at all times of the day!

We can offer services for small business, such as ADSL, FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet - up to 80Mb down and 20Mb up), FTTP (Fibre to the premises - Where available, with various service options up to 1Gb down and 1Gb up), GFast (An extension of FTTC but with faster speed options, up to 330Mb down and 50Mb up for customers that are close to the cabinet). We now also offer SOGEA options for FTTC services that do not require a 'telephone' line. This reduces the costs and is ideal for customers looking to migrate their voice services to VOIP.

To see what is available to you use the checker here: Broadband Availability Checker

We are also able to combine services in to much larger multi-site projects combining FTTC, EoFTTC (Ethernet over FTTC - a step towards a dedicated leased line), FTTP, GFast and SOGEA and of course full and dedicated Fibre based Ethernet services. All of these can have optional 4G fail-over and we can also offer fail-over via other connectivity technologies, depending on your requirements. We also use BT wholesale and Talk Talk Business, so in many cases we can offer a low cost level of resilience by combining services from each provider.

All of our services have a dedicated IPv4 IP address as well as a minimum of /64 natively routed IPv6.

As part of our VOIP services we also allocate a dedicated range of RFC1918 private IP addresses that are not globally routable. This ensures we can offer a fully non-NAT VOIP sub-network and that is isolated from the Internet. This helps to secure your telecoms equipment from external attacks while avoiding NAT. The result; a high quality service for voice traffic. Typically, VOIP IPs are added to a connection that is shared with other data services, where sufficient bandwidth is available. We also offer dedicated voice connectivity that is not reachable from the Internet to ensure security, peace of mind and a level of service that can not be interrupted by 3rd party network activity, should this be required.

Our core network monitors all connections and this means we can spot issues and often rectify them before the end user is aware.

Our aim is to always have sufficient capacity in the core network to support all end users. We do not restrict ports or services and do not manipulate traffic within our core, so customers always get the fastest possible speed their physical connection capable of. Broadband services are, however, always contended, whether that's at street, cabinet or exchange level, so any speeds advertised are the maximum the technology can provide. Throughput can vary for a number of reasons, however, we can guarantee that our core will not be the bottleneck. We have excellent transit network connections that allow us to reach UK, Europe, USA and the rest of the world with the lowest latency and resilience possible. Additionally we have public and private peering to be direct (or as direct as possible) to key networks to ensure our customers are as close to their content as possible. If you require dedicated connectivity with a 1:1 contention ratio we can provide Ethernet services nationwide. These are still connected to the Internet via our core and therefore completely uncontended. Please get in touch for a quote.

Our service pricing is available in the checker. We can't compete with the latest offers available for residential services from the big names, but we also don't want to. To do so would mean a highly contended and variable level of service and we believe in service consistency and reliability.

Many services have a minimum term of just 1 month (it's basically the minimum term we have to agree to) and we don't feel the need to lock customers in to long term contracts, however, we do insist on payment by DirectDebit. Minimum terms and details of any early exit fees that may be associated with services are defined in the pricing returned by the availability checker.

Use the availability checker to get an idea of what services are available to you and either log-in to order or contact us to get your billing and portal account set-up.