Services :: Telecoms & VOIP

G-Net Online can offer a wide range of telecoms services, from non-geographic numbering, with time of day routing and hunting to VOIP termination (SIP and IAX2) and origination. We can offer non-geographic (0844, 0800 etc) and geographic local (01/02/03) numbering from across the UK, as well as porting existing numbers onto the platform from BT.

Customers can manage their account online to set-up new SIP or IAX accounts and apply incoming numbering, as required. Simply log-in to your account and click the telecoms link. If you don't have an account yet, then just create one and start using the service straight away.

This is a high quality VOIP platform with business and personal use in mind. Customers often comment that the call quality over their SIP or IAX trunk is a better quality than their analogue line!
We support a number of codecs to help you to choose the best balance between call quality and the bandwidth required for the call.

We can supply you with IP telephones to plug into your existing network and routers, or you can connect using your own SIP or IAX PBX, Asterisk etc.

Small businesses, or those with offices over multiple sites or home workers can benefit from having a managed telephone system - similar to a Centrex service. We can set you up with a private virtual phone system, with phones connected to your local broadband service. Calls between offices and users are free of charge, while calls to external numbers are extremely competitive. Rates can be found by clicking the rates link at the left of this page.
DDI (direct Dial In) numbers can be provided in your local area or on an 0844 non-geographic number so that calls can be directed to users directly.
Many additional features are included in the service, that would normally be charged for in addition to your line rental with other providers, such as...

  • Caller ID of incoming calls
  • Music on Hold
  • Call queues
  • Interactive menus to select the appropriate call group/queue or member of staff
  • Time of day routing/call handling
  • Voicemail to email
  • Call forwarding and diverts - e.g. to a mobile phone or another user when away from your desk
  • Many of these options are available in numerous combinations, including having a mixture of VOIP and traditional telephony

Customers that take our broadband ADSL or SDSL services will also benefit from having their VOIP connectivity traversing only a single network - reducing the possibility for packet loss and delay that will affect the quality of a voice call over the Internet. We can also offer customers with QoS and separate their Voice and data traffic in a number of ways, as well as completely eliminating any issues with NAT routers and SIP phones by providing you with RFC 1918 private routed IPs for your VOIP phones.