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Domain name registration service

Ensure your brand is protected by registering a domain name. You can have your own Internet presence, or branded emails such as

Domain names do not have to be registered for business, many home users register their family name so that they can keep the same email address, even if they move ISPs!

We offer UK, US and other domains using our easy search facility. Your registration is processed securely online and you can choose to use your domain name with a number of services, including;

  • Website and e-mail forwarding - Let us host your domain name and we will forward any requests to your free ISP web page and email account.
  • Domain park - You choose the domain name you require and we will park it on our servers ready for you to utilise in the future. This is ideal if you don't currently want a web presence, but need to ensure your brand is protected.
  • Register only - if you have access to your own DNS servers, or those of your hosting provider, you can register your domain and have it pointed at the DNS servers of your choice.
  • Domain registration with hosting - Why not choose a hosting package to go with your new domain? There are a number of packages available, so take a look at the hosting pages to find out more.

    All services includes use of a control panel to manage your domain names and any additional services.

  • UK Names - Just £11.00 for two years
  • US Names - Just £19.00 for two years
  • CentralNic Names - Just £50 for two years
  • .INFO or .BIZ domain names - Just £19.00 for 2 years!
  • domain names - The new UK personal name space! - Just £11.00 for 2 years!

    All names include the appropriate regsitry fees.

    We do not charge to transfer domains away

    If you wish to transfer a domain name to us, there are no fees, however, in some cases, such as US .com domains, the registration period is extended by 1 year in the process, so you will be charged for extending the registration period by 1 year.

    Confirmation of all prices are available in the order process before the order is finally submitted