Connectivity :: ADSL Services

ADSL services for home and business use, where speed and reliabilty matter!

We do not offer the same highly conended level of service as the big name 'retail' ISPs - that's why you won't see any gimmicks or contract tie-ins, just sustainable priced services that meet your needs.

Most of our ADSL services utilise BT Wholesale ADSL Max services, for the fasted speeds your BT line can support. Both business and home users are catered for.

To check if your line is capable of an ADSL service, use the link on the left. If you wish to order, then simply log-in or create an account.

Our other services, such as VOIP make a great companion to our ADSL and SDSL services - your VOIP termination will be on the same network as your broadband connection, so your call won't have to travel the Internet - ensuring the best quality and service!

Business customers can get a number of value added services for their DSL needs, including Virtual Private Networks, QoS, managed content filtering to name a few. If you have a specific requirement, get in touch and we will quote for a bespoke solution that will suit your particular needs.