About Us

G-Net Online are a UK based solutions provider with our own hardware, designed and built in-house especially to provide you with advanced web services without charging a fortune. We offer a wide range of products to customers of all sizes; from home users, charities and clubs to multi-million businesses.

Most of the services we offer are detailed in this site and available to order using your credit card through our secure payment gateway. However, if you have a requirement that we do not appear to have available, then e-mail us at sales@g-net.co.uk and we will endeavour to create a bespoke solution for you.

G-Net Online are Internet Service Providers. This means that we will supply our customers with a wide range of Internet related products and services.

In order to provide the best possible service to our customers, all of our services are provided directly from our network on our own hardware. This allows us to provide a wide range of services that fit within your budget and needs.

Our servers are located in a state of the art London data centres in Doclands. These secure facilities with redundant power supplies and fire management allow us to make use of an almost endless choice of bandwidth suppliers. The facilities provide an uninterrupted clean power supply to each server and are capable of running for sustained periods of time using back-up generators. On a local level, the servers are also connected to UPS systems which allow us to reboot the servers remotely, should this be necessary.

The servers are designed, built and fully tested for performance, reliability and security before going live to ensure our customers have a highly available service. We are able to supply a service level agreement to customers that require one and can boast a high level of uptime. Each server has RAID disk arrays and 24 hour server monitoring which will alert engineers in the event of a failure. Any on-site maintenance requirements will be completed by engineers that are on-site in the data centre 24 hours per day.

Our bandwidth is supplied by multiple sources and is routed using BGP via our redundant router configuration so that if any route should fail, another will take the load of the traffic with no downtime. The servers are connected to a fully switched local area network with high speed connectivity to our edge routers and on to our upstream providers.  These give us high quality and reliable Internet connections via local peering agreements and transit providers.

We also use servers hosted in other parts of the world to provide us with geographically separated DNS and e-mail back-up services.  At present these are located in the USA.

Our DSL connectivity is directly connected to the same network as our servers.  This ensures that you get the best possible routes to your hosting, email and VOIP platform, but also gives access to the same high quality bandwidth. It also means we are able to offer a number of hosted services, such as, VOIP telephone systems, central email and data back-up/recovery solutions.

We do still offer a dial-up facility and all lines support all current modem standards as well as ISDN (single and bonded channels).

The DSL platform supports BT Wholesale ADSL and SDSL services and we now have the ability to offer a number of LLU based services in various areas. We can currently access the Tiscali LLU network for ADSL2+ services along with the C&W (ex Bulldog) for SDSL services with contention ratios up to 1:1. This is ideal for our managed VPN solutions for customers with multiple sites. Our network is not highly contended with the aim of providing a premium DSL service to both home and business customers alike. If you need a high availability, fast and reliable service, then look no further than G-Net Online.


We also offer network and general IT consultancy to business local to us in south east Essex.  This involves services such as advising on services and hardware solutions to suit your specific business needs. We can also offer support packages that allow us to support your staff by remote desktop and on-site support.  If you have any questions, or would like to know more about how we can help your business, please email sales@g-net.co.uk